This week’s restaurant review…

OK so this was over a week ago but still felt like sharing it. One of our latest restaurant visits was interesting. Never have we ever left a restaurant before being served dinner. We wanted to try Logan’s roadhouse. We love Texas roadhouse, so we were hoping that Logan’s would be close to as good and closer location. We had to wait 20-30 minutes ( which nobody likes, but is pretty normal for a Saturday night). We get seated. At a dark table! We ask to be seated somewhere else that doesn’t require us to tilt our menus towards the light to read them. They go ask the manager. Someone else comes back and says, yes we can seat you at another table, but it will be another 20 minute wait! So basically we would have went to the back of the line! No, sorry about that. No/ can we do something to make it up. So we left and probably won’t be returning to that restaurant anytime soon. And they had a whole row of empty tables right on the other side of the wall we were sitting next to! I’ve been told that may be because they don’t have enough wait staff. There’s just no excuse to seat guests in the dark because a light bulb is out. And then do nothing about it. So can’t really give this a full review other than to say it was an awful experience after 5 minutes of being seated!


This week’s restaurant review…..

Today we visited Lucia’s Mexican Restaurant in Independence, MO. We walked into a warm, cozy restaurant. We were immediately greeted and then seated in a booth by the hostess. The restaurant wasn’t very crowded (we chose a late lunch time). The atmosphere of the restaurant was very nice and friendly overall. Our waitress came to the table with menus, chips and salsa, and silverware within 2 minutes of us sitting down. So far, so good. We ordered our drinks and appetizer of white cheese dip. I generally have water while my man usually has unsweet tea. The drinks and appetizer came quickly. the iced tea looked a little weak, however, tasted good. The water was, well, water. What can I say about water; not a whole lot. Moving on to the white cheese dip. It was…. creamy but thin. The taste was just ok. How good can it be when it comes from a can or jar. It does. We asked. The waitress gets points for being honesty and not just trying to get us to order it. It could have been a lot warmer. It’s good when your appetizer comes to the table pretty warm, almost hot. It’s better that way so throughout the meal, it will still be a little warm. I’m just gonna say that when you are at a restaurant, other than fast food types, none of your food should come in a styrofoam container. They lost some points with both of us on that one. Next came the entrees. I had beef nachos and my man had a pork burrito spread. Let me just say…. YUMMINESS!!!! all around! The food was really hot. Which was great! The flavors were amazing! I don’t like to much spicy food. My man does a little bit. I like more plain foods. He likes lots of intense flavors and taste (I think thats why we work well together on discussing our restaurant visits – that and we always have a good time together!). Where was I? Oh right, the food! Let me just go back and mention the salsa. It was amazing! It was a bit thin, but very different from other salsa’s I have tried. It had a little different flavor that neither of us could quit place. What ever was in it, kind of toned down the tomato flavor but in a really good way. We asked if it was something we could purchase at the store or was it home made. Turns our it was home made and let me just say that I will be going back there just for the salsa alone! The restaurant was really clean. The staff was all very friendly, honest, speedy, and helpful. I would say for cleanliness 4.5 out of 5. Overall staff 5 out of 5. Food 4 out of 5. Price 4 out of 5. Overall, 8 out of 10! The absolute only thing I can say even a little unhappy about, is that they brought the ticket right after the entrees. I mean like 5 minutes after the food. Not cool man, not cool. Makes you feel rushed to finish and leave. How do they know we wont want to order anything else like dessert, drinks, or food to go? Other than that, great job Lucia’s! We will definitely be back! And telling our friends, hence this blog post. ( just for future reference, I will be adding pics of our food for your enjoyment! Thanks for reading my rambling and have a fabulous day fellow foodies!